CFG - Mortgage & Finance Specialists is made up of a team of dedicated award winning professionals who, together, have over 50 combined years experience in the finance industry.  We pride ourselves in our honour, sound ethics and passion for outstanding customer service ~ traits that have seen our company rise to the top of the competition, spearheaded by the dedication of Director, Daniel Esposito.

After embarking on a financial path together, we strive to keep in regular contact with each of our clients in order to stay on top of their individual circumstances.  On our end this is achieved through quarterly newsletters and quick care phone calls.  On your end that means knowing you can contact us whenever you feel the need so that, together, we continually add value to your status.

CFG - Mortgage & Finance Specialists has full accreditation with the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia), along with a strong network of like minded specialists in numerous fields, giving you access to a range of experts who come with our personal Duty of Care.  Where our brand name appears, be assured that it is supported by a team who dedicate themselves to understanding your situation and who indeed, walk the road with you.

We build long-term relationships with our clients so that we can walk the road together
continually making your future brighter along the way.