Over recent years there has been an increase in borrowers who don’t qualify for standard home loans from mainstream lenders.  The demand was so great that it brought on the advent of the non-conforming loan market, thus both non-conforming and mainstream lenders have added extra options to their loan product range.

The majority of our self-employed borrowers come to us because they want a wider range of home loan options.  At Credit Finance Group we will help you secure a competitive home loan with the right lender.

Are you:

  • Unable or unwilling to supply full documentation of your income?
  • Busy running your own business and therefore pressed for time?
  • In need of simplified paperwork, a flexible application process and competitive interest rates?
  • Wanting to access equity?

Many self-employed borrowers need a loan that isn’t quite standard, usually because they don’t have the full financial history to obtain a regular loan.  You will still need some financial history and paperwork, but low documentation (low doc) loans fulfil the needs of many self-employed borrowers.

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